Medigap Plan M

Medicare Supplement Plan M is one of the supplemental plans that are cost-sharing which means that it covers only one part of your medical costs, so you will be responsible for the remaining costs. This plan provides coverage for many Medicare beneficiaries because the premium costs of this plan are lower than some other Medigap plans.

What is covered under Medigap Plan M

This plan is one of the three cost-sharing plans and among these 3 plans, M can be considered as most extensive. So, this plan includes coverage for:

  • 100% of Part A coinsurance and hospital costs for additional 365 days after Medicare benefits are dried out 
  • 100% of Part B coinsurance or copay 
  • 100% of the first three blood prints for a medical procedure
  • 100% of Part A coinsurance for hospice care 
  • 100% of skilled nursing facility care coinsurance 
  • 50% of Part A deductible 
  • 100% Medicare part B preventive care coinsurance 
  • Foreign travel emergency cases 

However, Medigap Plan M doesn’t cover Part B deductible and Part b e excess charges. 

Medigap Plan M costs

This is a cost-sharing plan so you will have to pay 50%  of your hospital deductible. However, your monthly premium costs are lower compared to other supplemental plans on the market. The MOOP(maximum-out-of pocket)  for this plan is 6620$ so after you reach this limit and your yearly  Part B deductible (223$ in 2022) your Medigap plan is responsible for all additional costs for the rest of the year. 

For this Plan like any other plan, there could be variable costs that are dependable on various factors. So, the costs can be different for each Medicare beneficiary. For example, you and your neighbor can have the same Supplemental Plan but not at the same cost. 

However, the average cost for this plan is approximately 120$ to 200$ a month.

Medigap Plan M enrollment period

Every Medigap Supplement plan has its Medigap Open Enrollment period and it is the best time to enroll. However, you are eligible to enroll any time you want as long as you have Original Medicare (both parts).

Why enroll during the Medigap Open Enrollment period?


This is an enrollment period that lasts six months and begins the first day of a month when you are 65 or older and already enrolled in Medicare Part B. In this period you’ll have a chance to enroll in Medicare Supplement plan with the most possible lower premium costs and the provider will proceed with your application with no questions asked about your health. 

However, if you miss this period you can enroll in it any time you want, but your rates will be higher and you will answer questions about your health.

If you want to choose some of the cost-sharing plans, but you aren’t completely sure which one is the best option for you and have questions, our licensed agents in BP Insurance are happy to help!

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