Dental - Vision Health Insurance

Having a dental insurance policy is a very smart thing, especially because of the high costs of dental visits. With a good dental policy in most cases, you will be covered for cleanings, routine visits, and even more complex dental work like treating root canals. 

A vision insurance plan has many benefits for those who wear glasses or lenses and visit eye doctors for routine checkups because it helps you lower your costs for those services.

What is covered under dental and vision insurance plans?

Coverage of every dental plan can vary and it depends on which plan you choose to purchase. 0

However, dental coverage in general includes:

    • Regular visits and cleanings 
    • Tooth extractions
    • X- rays 
    • Cavity fillings
    • Root canals ( and every other medically necessary work)
    • Retainers
    • Surgeries in case of an emergency 

Although some complex procedures like treating root canals and surgeries may have higher out-of-pocket costs. Those costs depend on the type of plan you will have. 

This type of insurance will not cover for:

      • Braces
      • Care related to pre-existing conditions
      • Cosmetic procedures

If you are interested in purchasing vision insurance, the policy will provide these benefits:

    • Routine checkups like eye exams
    • Prescription for glasses or contact lenses
    • Sometimes vision correction surgery and PRK surgeries

Is dental and vision provided under health insurance policies?

Dental Insurance can be part of health insurance plans in three conditions:

  • If you have health insurance purchased by your  employer and dental coverage is part of a plan
  • As part of an individual health plan which you buy by yourself from brokers like Better Place Insurance Group
  • And as a standalone dental plan (purchased by yourself or by your employer)

However, this may be not always the case because federal law states that health insurance companies aren’t obliged to provide you with dental coverage if you are older than 18.

Vision insurance policies aren’t part of major medical health insurance plans for adults. So, if you need vision coverage for adults it will be a good idea to purchase this policy. Although if you have a major medical condition like glaucoma or strabismus it can be covered under your health insurance plan.

However, Qualified Health plans under the Affordable Care Act are required to provide preventive care, annual routine checkups, and eyeglasses for all patients till they are 18 years old.

Dental coverage costs

Dental coverage costs can vary based on several factors (for example which plan you chose or your living area). There will be usually costs for monthly premiums which can be approximately between 20$ to 60$ dollars.

Benefits of coverage depending on the coverage level, so for example you will pay zero dollars for preventive care, but for some complex procedures, there can be just 50% to 80% of coverage so your insurer will need to pay for the rest when you meet the annual deductible. Also, some plans can have a maximum amount of coverage per year which means that you will need to cover the additional cost on the bill if you reach this limit.

However, you will pay in full for some services like orthodontics, and also may pay out of pocket in some cases. For example, if you need some dental procedures multiple times in one year.

Vision coverage costs

Vision benefits are usually offered as an additional plan to your major health plan or as an ancillary plan (the separate plan that provides this type of coverage). 

This means that major health insurance plans often offer vision benefits packages as an additional cost to your main plan. Those packages require copayments for some services determining a price and how much it will cost for each service. General costs of extra premium for vision policies are approximately 170$ per individual each year, and for families can be up to 400$  a year.

If you are considering purchasing an ancillary plan the conditions are a bit different. Those are separate vision plans that offer you pre-determined discounts for your vision expenses.

Ancillary plans are more affordable in comparison to additional plans and their average cost per year can be 70$ and for families, they are up to 150$ per calendar year.

Why should I purchase dental or vision insurance?

Taking care of your oral health is a very important part of good healthcare in general. If you purchase dental insurance you’ll get these benefits:

  • Treat dental problems
  • Improve overall health
  • Cover for dental emergencies
  • Money savings

On the other hand, having vision insurance is also a good idea, even if you don’t have glasses or lenses right now. It is always smart to think about the future because you never know what might change. 

Your eye doctor can detect some illnesses in your routine checkups like diabetes, high cholesterol, glaucoma, or even some forms of eye cancer. Therefore, by having vision insurance you are preserving your overall health. 

If you are interested in purchasing types of dental and vision insurance plans choices can be tricky. But, don’t worry because experienced brokers at Better Place Insurance group will help you to choose the best plans according to your needs and answer all your questions.

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