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Better Place Insurance Group is a full-service insurance brokerage located in Lakeland, FL. We specialize in Medicare Advantage, Medicare Supplements, prescription drug plans, and life insurance. we want to help you find the best coverage at the lowest rate possible!

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Medicare Advantage is an alternative to Original Medicare that can offer additional benefits, such as dental, vision, hearing, prescription drugs, and more. Some of the most common Advantage plans are HMOs and PPOs. Ask us about the plan benefits available in your area.

Many don’t know about the out-of-pocket costs they have to pay with Original Medicare. Medicare Supplement (Medigap) plans can help pay for these expenses, like coinsurance, copays, and deductibles. Plans F, G, and N are the most comprehensive plans. 

Medicare Part D, or prescription drug plans, covers medication that is medically necessary — something that Parts A and B don’t cover. We can help you find a standalone drug plan or a Medicare Advantage plan that has built-in Part D coverage. 

The standard way of getting life insurance can cause many headaches. Which insurance company? Should I have term, permanent, or universal life insurance? How much coverage do I need? Don’t worry. We make the process smooth and simple.

Why Work with an Independent Broker?

The top three benefits of working with an independent agent are:

Better Customer Service.

We’re here when you need us. Our licensed agents are attentive to the needs of each client — because we know that everyone’s situation is different. It’s better service. Come see for yourself!

Multiple Insurance Carriers Mean More Options!

We have access to the top-rated insurance companies. We can explain your options clearly and give you multiple quotes in just one phone call.

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We work for you.

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